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Traveled in our universe. 

discover our world, created thinking of all lovers of Asia, where your memories are the references that you will find in our spaces, whether it is our Asian furniture store, with more than 80002 spread over two spaces unique in Switzerland, or the largest Zen garden in Switzerland, with more than 4000m2. a unique garden where contact with the most ancient civilizations 


Decoration stores of all asia 

2 stores, 8000 m2, a unique atmosphere

A truly unique space in Switzerland and Europe where you can discover authentic pieces that will make all the difference to your interior. Two different rooms are available with over 8000m2 of decorative items from all over the world that will inspire you to dream and travel. 


From Chinese dressers to four-poster beds, from bronze or stone monks to silk fabrics, you will find true treasures to decorate your home. Our items are so exceptional that you will only find them with us.

For us, being authentic means being unique, and your home deserves that.


The largest Zen garden in Switzerland

Visit the Zen garden, on your own or with your family. It's a great place to relax and get in touch with another civilisation. Various itineraries await you to awaken your senses.

In this unique environment, you can make your reservation in our Hostel Crazy Lounge, a unique and informative space. You can also enjoy excellent Indian cuisine at the Nirvana restaurant, or go shopping to decorate your home in the Images et Atmosphères shop, which has over 8,000 square metres of exhibition space for unique pieces in Switzerland.

Treat yourself to another afternoon or weekend. Treat yourself to a whole new adventure!


Benoit Lange 

Benoit Lange was born in 1965 in Morgins, Switzerland, into a family of modest craftsmen. His parents never really travelled, and the first time they got on a plane it was thanks to their son who took them to Calcutta.

In a world that is so unbalanced, where happiness and wealth are so unevenly distributed, we all play our part and have our share of responsibility. For the committed photographer, if we want to live happily in the northern hemisphere, we cannot live in oblivion in the south. Photographers, like artists, have a role to play - often even a leading role. Photography is a vehicle for emotion and compassion.

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